Anti-Abortion Democrat Under Siege

 The Story:

Dan Lipinski, who represents the 3d Congressional district Illinois, in the US House of Representatives, is one of the rare Democrats who still avows anti-abortion (or “pro-life”) policies at his level of prominence. He may not get the nomination for a 9th term: he is facing an intra-party challenge from pro-abortion-rights (or “pro-choice”) candidate Marie Newman.

The Rematch:

The 3d district encompasses the southwest side of the city of Chicago and the southwestern suburbs as far as Joliet.

This primary is a re-match. Lipinski narrowly defeated Newman in 2018. She won the suburbs, but the old Democratic ‘machine’ in the city portion of the district delivered the votes Lipinski needed to get to 51.1% of the whole.

Newman, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, has worked for years in advertising. She left a position as partner of a large ad agency to create a consultancy.

The Thing to Know:

In a recent interview Lipinski made his case on the basis of what is good for the party. “It’s bad for the party that we do not want anyone who’s pro-life in the party….It’s a dangerous message for the party to send that to be pro-life you aren’t welcome in the party.”

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