The Iowa Caucus and “Inconsistent” Numbers

The Story:

Iowans caucused Monday to cast votes for their preferred Democratic candidates for President. Oddly, as of midnight there were no official numbers on how they had voted. The Iowa Democratic Party was saying that it had seen “inconsistencies” in the numbers it was getting, and that it has to straighten out the inconsistencies before it releases any info.

No Victory, No Concessions:

The polling in the days leading up to the caucus showed a close race between Vice President Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders, generally considered as respectively the leaders of the centrist and the leftward ‘lanes’ of this campaign.

But anecdotally, Monday night, there were some indications that Pete Buttigieg, the former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, had shown unexpected strength.

As of this writing, the candidates are headed to New Hampshire for the next vote, with no candidate in a position to claim an Iowa victory, and no one facing the need to make a concession, either.

The Thing to Know: 

The caucus goers in Iowa yesterday cast the first real votes affecting who will appear at the Democratic Party’s national convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this July, and whom those delegates will be expected to support. We don’t know how they voted, but we know they voted.



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