Julian Castro Out of Race, Supports Warren

The Story:

Julian Castro, who was the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Obama and who has more recently been a candidate for President, suspended that campaign on January 2, 2020. On Monday, January 6, he endorsed one of his former rivals, Elizabeth Warren, a US Senator from Massachusetts.


The still-crowded field of Democratic Party candidates has split chiefly into two factions, the “progressives” and the “centrists.” Former Vice President Joe Biden and former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg are competing to lead the centrist lane. Senators Warren and Bernie Sanders are competing for leadership in the progressive lane.

Although Castro’s campaign never really seemed to get traction, his announcement does serve to give a boost to Warren in the context of that competition.

The Thing to Know: 

Castro stood out as the only Latino in the field of candidates. He may make himself available as a candidate “surrogate” for the Warren campaign chiefly in states with large Latino populations. One example of such a state, early on the calendar of the nomination contest, is Nevada, which has a caucus February 22.

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