US Secretary of State Still Ambivalent about Kansas Run

The Story:

The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, declines to be pinned down on the question of whether he will, at some point in the coming weeks, resign his cabinet post in order to campaign for a US Senate seat from his home state, Kansas.

Fox & Friends:

On the Fox News program, “Fox & Friends,” Monday morning, December 30, the Secretary said that he loves Kansas. It is home, where his family and friends live. But he added that he intends to stay in Washington and continue to serve the Trump administration.

One of the hosts pressed him a bit further. Of course what one “intends” can change. The host asked him whether he can “write off completely” the idea of running for Senate. Pompeo declined to do so, because as he said he has seen his life take turns he would not have predicted.

The Thing to Know:

Many Republicans want Pompeo to run for the open Senate seat in Kansas, because without him the most likely Republican nominee is Kris Kobach, who was the GOP’s unsuccessful candidate for Governor two years ago. Kobach is seen as carrying a lot of negative baggage of which Pompeo is free.

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