Senator Sanders Errs, Walks it Back

The Story:

Senator Bernie Sanders (VT), one of the leading contenders for the Democratic Party’s nomination for President, tweeted Friday, December 13, “I retract my endorsement” of Cenk Uygur, one of the candidates for a seat in the House of Representatives from California’s 25th district. Sanders was retreating in the face of blowback over insensitive racial, religious, and sexual observations Uygur has made over the years as the host of an online commentary program, “The Young Turks.”


Uygur identifies as a “progressive” in politics. His expressed opinions, which presumably motivated Sanders’ initial support, include the public financing of elections, aggressive action on climate change, a single-payer health care system, etc. Sanders has described Uygur as having a “voice that we desperately need in Congress.”

Unfortunately for that cause, though, Uygur also has a habit of saying things like this: “The genes of women are flawed.”

How this will play out in the election in the 25th is as yet unknown, but it will likely play out without further input from Bernie Sanders.

The Thing to Know:

The 25th district seat became open when Rep. Katie Hill resigned in a scandal over an affair with her campaign manager, and indiscretions with a Congressional aide.

A special election, slated for March 3, will determine who finishes up Ms. Hill’s term.


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