Corey Lewandowski Teasing a Senate Campaign

The Story:

Corey Lewandowski, who was the campaign manager for Donald Trump through 2015 and the first half of 2016, has said that he is thinking about running for a seat in the US Senate, from New Hampshire, as  a Republican, next year. If he does run, and if he gets that party’s nomination, he will have to run against an Incumbent Senator, Jeanne Shaheen, in the general election.


Even aside from his past, and continuing, connection with President Donald Trump: Lewandowski is a polarizing figure, and a Lewandowski/Shaheen campaign could be a vicious one.

For example: in June 2018 Lewandowski participated in a Fox News program about family separations at the US/Mexico border. Another participant referenced the case of a 10-year-old girl with Down Syndrome who had been separated from her mother. Lewandowski replied simply “womp, womp,” apparently a reference to the common “sad trombone” sound effect used in circus performance. The “womp womp” in this context generated outrage. Meghan McCain for example said, “This is so horrible, even by Lewandowski standards.”

The Thing to Know:

It is not certain that the Republican Party will nominate Lewandowski, even if he does decide to throw his hat formally into the ring. There are already announced candidates for that nomination for the Senate seat who will not be likely to step aside. Still, there cannot be many other actual or possible candidates who would guarantee as much drama, and as much national and even international coverage.


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