Senator Sanders Cancels Campaign Events

The Story:

Senator Bernie Sanders (I – Vt), one of the leading candidates for the Democratic Party’s nomination for President, underwent surgery on Tuesday, October 1. Doctors inserted stents to resolve a blockage in an artery.


Sanders had complained of chest pains during a campaign appearance in Las Vegas, Nevada. (The Democrat Party will hold a potentially critical caucus in Nevada on February 22 next year.) Due to the pains, the Senator was admitted to a local hospital for examination, and the stent procedure followed.

The procedure is a common one: stents are implanted more than 600,000 times per year in the United States.

Doctors have confirmed that the chest pains were a heart attack. The Sanders campaign has announced the cancellation of all previously planned “events and appearances until further notice” and promised continuing updates.

The Thing to Know:

There exists a sharp generational divide within the Democratic Party, and even if Sanders (age 78) returns to the campaign trail with speed and evidence of vitality this news is bound to raise the profile of that divide.  It will allow younger candidates such as Mayor Pete Buttigieg (37) to stress their youth and health in contrasts to the older tier, which along with Sanders includes Vice President Biden (76) and Senator Warren (70).

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