Meet a Key Advisor to POTUS Candidate Buttigieg

The Story:
Swati Mylavarapu is the National Investment Chair of Pete for America, the Buttigieg campaign organization. This makes her a key advisor to the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, as he seeks to become the next President of the United States.
Buttigieg’s improbable campaign has gained attention and momentum in recent weeks. Just last week a venerable center-left policy-oriented publication, the Washington Monthly, ran a piece with the headline, “What Mayor Pete Gets Right About Foreign Policy.”
But campaigns still march on money, as armies march on their stomachs, and the key finance positions are critical.
What is especially notable about Mylavarapu is her affiliation with “Silicon Valley,” i.e. the whole Bay Area centered high-tech world. As a former partner of Kleiner Perkins and the founder of Incite Ventures, she has made her mark raising money for start-up companies in that world.
 The Thing to Know:
The role of Silicon Valley, and in general of the high-tech industries, in the United States at present has become a contentious political issue itself. Senator Elizabeth Warren vows to break up Amazon, Google, and Facebook; President Trump accuses Amazon of taking advantage of the US Postal Service, and conflates it with the editorial board at the Washington Post.
Mylavarapu’s role may signal that Buttigieg is willing to take the other side of that divide, to be the tech-friendly candidate both against the industry’s Democratic and its Republican foes.

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