Justin Amash Mulling a Third-Party Campaign

The Story:
Rep. Justin Amash (R – MI), the only Republican in Congress yet to have declared that President Donald Trump “has engaged in impeachable conduct,” is said to be considering a run for President in 2020. This could draw Republican (libertarian-leaning) votes away from Trump, and thus assist whoever will be the Democratic nominee.
Amash has represented Michigan’s 3d district (Grand Rapids) since 2011. His parents are both immigrants: his mother a Christian Syrian, father a Christian Palestinian.
One of Amash’s first brushes with controversy came when he was quite new to Capitol Hill. In 2011, as a professed pro-lifer and part of the “Tea Party” wave, he was expected to vote for the bill that year that would have ended federal funding for Planned Parenthood. But instead he merely voted “present,” abstaining. He explained that “legislation that names a specific private organization to defund … is improper” and may be unconstitutional under the “bill of attainder” clause.
The Thing to Know:
One of his colleagues, Rep, Matt Gaetz (R – FL) has said plainly, “Justin is not running for re-election. Justin is running for President.” Amash himself has done nothing to discourage that view, saying: “I haven’t ruled anything out.”

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