Governor Bullock Joins the Field of Candidates for POTUS

The Story:
The field was already an unprecedentedly crowded one: so, what’s one candidate more? On Tuesday, May 14, Governor Steve Bullock of Montana announced that he is running for the Democratic Party’s nomination for President of the United States.
Bullock was first elected Governor of Montana in 2012, in a year when the incumbent Governor could not seek re-election due to term limits. Bullock defeated Republican candidate Rick Hill (and Libertarian Ron Vandevender) but was elected with less than a majority of the vote, 48.9%.
Bullock was re-elected in 2016 with a majority, but only just … he received 50.3% of the vote. There was this time no significant third-party candidate. A Libertarian candidate, Ted Dunlap, had declared his candidacy but subsequently withdrawn it.  The Republican, Greg Gianforte, received 46.3%.
A survey in September 2016 showed Bullock to be the single most popular Democratic Governor in the United States.
The Thing to Know: 
On the issue of health insurance, which looks likely to be a major flashpoint in the primary campaign, Bullock has not joined calls for a single-payer or “Medicare for all” system, but he has criticized President Trump for working to “destabilize” the existing (Obamacare) system, and he favors a “public option” to plug gaps in that system.

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