Senator Warren: "She’s Got a Plan for That"

The Story:
Senator Elizabeth Warren’s campaign for President may be gaining some momentum. In recent days variations of her frequent use of the expression “I’ve got a plan for that” have taken hold and become a catch phrase, even an unofficial slogan, declared so not by the campaign itself but from the ground up.
Two Tweets:
On April 11, a writer on the blog Vox said, “Many profitable companies pay nothing in profitable income tax. Elizabeth Warren has a plan to stop that.”
Warren linked to the Vox article on her twitter feed and added: “You bet I do!”
An admirer of Warren’s, Keely Murphy, soon replied to that tweet: “I would certainly buy a shirt that said, ‘Elizabeth Warren: She’s Got a Plan for That.'”
As Politico puts it, that exchange made the expression “a thing.”
The Thing to Know:
All campaigns for POTUS put out thick position papers, often with numbers, charts, graphs, etc. Sometimes one gets the impression that a staffer in a back office puts these together just so that they will be available should anyone ask, but the candidate’s heart is not in it. In the case of the Warren campaign, the  candidate’s heart is very much in the wonky position-paper side of campaigning.

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