Don Walton: The death penalty, faith and partisan politics

The annual death penalty debate in the Legislature always is solemn, dramatic and revealing.

It’s an issue that ought to be deeply personal, and it is. For many people it is faith-guided or faith-based.

An issue that Chambers says ought to particularly challenge Catholic senators who take a position contrary to last year’s action by Pope Francis changing the Catechism of the Catholic Church to state that “the death penalty is inadmissible.”

It’s an issue that really shouldn’t be used as a partisan political instrument, but it is. Everything is today.

And so that was a big part of the debate last week with threats of political retaliation injected and the vote of the people to overturn the Legislature’s previous repeal of capital punishment employed as a cudgel.

Hey, Sen. Adam Morfeld protested, so how about the 2018 vote of the people to expand Medicaid coverage to an estimated 90,000 Nebraskans who have no access to health care coverage and…

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