is Devouring the 2020 Dems


The 2020 Dem field is very diverse.

If the Democrats were within reaching distance of sanity, that would mean a positive campaign based on diversity. Since they instead inhabit an insane intersectional dimension in which a permanent victimhood competition determines who gets what, anti-diversity tantrums follow.

These Queer Women Don’t Care That Pete Buttigieg Is Gay—They Want a Female President

The article is even worse than the headline.

With a record-breaking six women running in 2020, and Hillary Clinton’s bitter defeat still fresh on their tongues, a number of LGBTQ women told The Daily Beast they would simply prefer a female candidate.

Who are these women? Who empowered them to represent all lesbian Democrats? Stop asking, the echo chamber echoed.

“For me, being queer or lesbian, nominating a young, inexperienced white gay man is not my priority,” Duke University professor Ara Wilson told The Daily Beast. “The fact that we have…

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