Connecticut GOP tries to harness toll opposition for fundraising

Connecticut GOP tries to harness toll opposition for fundraising
A toll opponents hold a sign at a rally for the anti-toll movement at the state Capitol on Saturday. (Kenneth R. Gosselin / Hartford Courant)

In a fundraising letter Tuesday, state GOP Chairman J.R. Romano wrote that tolls would place another burden on the state’s already over-taxed residents and businesses — and if they want to stop it, they should give money to the party.

The two-page appeal opens by referring to the governor as “New Tax Ned” Lamont, who it says “lied” during last year’s gubernatorial race about only supporting tolls on out-of-state trucks. Lamont, a Democrat, has since said that the only way to raise enough money for overdue transportation improvements is to toll all vehicles on 91, 84, 95 and Route 15.

Romano’s letter says Connecticut Republicans need to raise $40,000 over the next 21 days and asks supporters to chip-in $500, $250 or $100.

“Acting like arrogant kings and queens in a monarchy, the regal Connecticut Democrats love to tell you what to do and take your money and make it their money,” the letter reads.

Lamont senior adviser Colleen Flanagan Johnson said the only transportation funding alternative offered by Republicans, a plan known as Prioritize Progress, would take on long-term debt for the state and runs counter to the “debt diet” plan of the governor.

“This is desperate,…

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