The New Republic’s May Issue Delivers No-Holds-Barred Commentary on Political Landscape

New York, NY(April 18, 2019)The New Republic today published its May 2019 issue, which features a cover story by Liza Mundy, “Women of Substance.” Mundy profiles the current six female Democratic presidential candidates — a historic number — in the 2020 race, four of whom have “a plausible shot at the U.S. presidency.” She outlines the challenges and advantages the women will face, particularly as they relate to stereotypes about women’s nature, their ability to lead, and their ambition to do so.

In the post-Hillary Clinton period, Mundy makes the argument that “because they are not Hillary, this group will present a purer test of how voters and members of the chattering classes react to women … between women whose backgrounds, careers, and accomplishments have nothing to do with their husbands.” She continues: “The upshot will be to encourage the healthy idea that women can be as bold, eloquent, original, irritated, aggressive, vacuous, and vague as men. This is progress.”

The New Republic’s May issue also features timely pieces regarding the potential limits of feminist politics, “moderate” health reform, Jerry Nadler’s quest for presidential accountability, and further commentary on today’s political media landscape, with pieces that focus on MSNBC and Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

Highlights from the issue include:

Looking at the female presence in the 2020 presidential race through another analytical lens, Abi Wilkinson’s “Empowerment for What” complicates the feminist idea that “because it’s bad that there are additional struggles for women in politics, it’s by…

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