Column: Superlatives don’t belong in politics

Column: Superlatives don't belong in politicsBuy Photos

I give you fair warning: This is largely a lecture. One given often, but always desperately needed.

The president recently vowed that the United States would never be a socialist country. Regardless of your own political orientation, that statement is the kind of idiot, superlative claim that I constantly warn students against. It first of all implies that the president, any president, can mystically auger the future without error. It secondly implies that the United States is not at all a socialist country presently. Both of these propositions are nonsense without nuance.

To give a bit of fair and balanced critique, though, how about this howler from Obama regarding affordable care?: “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.” Making this statement was stupid on its face regardless of the content of the ACA. As health care plans are, even under…

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