Solving Brexit requires positive attitudes, not platitudes

A pro-Brexit campaigner at the rally in Parliament Square on 29 March

As usual, Gordon Brown offers wise counsel (Give us a year, to really take back control, Opinion, 30 March). While we are clearly faced with a very serious, complex and perplexing Brexit issue, I would suggest that there are other more useful ways of framing the situation than as an unadulterated crisis.

A narrative of crisis only perpetuates the fantasy of one big solution which, in this as in most cases, is clearly not yet obvious. Our political leaders would be better employed explaining to the public that what we are going through is a legitimate democratic process of trying to arrive at a solution that works for a majority and not just for one section of the population. Yes, it’s a messy process but there should be more explanation of why it is necessary to go through this rather than settle too soon on an outcome that we are likely to regret. In the debates of the coming weeks we need more inquiry into workable options (for us and the EU) and less advocacy of divisive and polarising opinions. Clearly we need more time for this process. We should use that time to re-learn how to talk with and listen to each other in a civil and democratic manner.
Ken Starkey
Professor of management…

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