Routt County Commissioner Monger changes political affiliation

Routt County Commissioner Doug Monger, right, talks with Michael Rossi, the associate originator at Enterprise Community Investment, Inc., which backed the Reverses at Steamboat affordable housing development during a groundbreaking ceremony in 2017.

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — A 20-foot papier-mache donkey still hangs in his garage, but Routt County Commissioner Doug Monger is no longer a registered Democrat.

Monger made the switch to an Independent on Wednesday and announced his decision in a letter to the editor.

He will govern under that new affiliation alongside fellow commissioners Tim Corrigan and Beth Melton, both Democrats.

Monger, who registered as a Democrat at age 17, has been frustrated with the direction of the party at the state and national levels. The 2018 Colorado election, which gave Democrats control of both the House and Senate, as well as the governorship, became a breaking point for Monger.

It was not the first time during his tenure as a commissioner that he saw a single party rule the trifecta of the state legislature. When Monger was first elected, in 2000, Republicans held that control under Gov. Bill Owens. In 2007, Gov. Bill Ritter oversaw a Democratic majority in all three chambers.

“Things were handled pretty respectfully during all those years,” Monger said.

This time, things feel different.

In his letter, Monger cited political polarization as a primary driver of his decision to disassociate from the Democratic Party. He feels that leftist lawmakers are using their newfound power to…

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