On Politics: Democrats Pivot to Protecting Affordable Care Act

Good Wednesday morning. Here are some of the stories making news in Washington and politics today.


A new fight over the Affordable Care Act broke out on Tuesday, as Democrats denounced the Trump administration for asking a federal appeals court to invalidate it. The surprise decision, which could leave 21 million people without health insurance if the court agrees, gave Democrats a chance to move past impeachment and discuss kitchen-table issues like health care.

The most enduring legacy of Robert S. Mueller’s investigation may be his decision not to take action on President Trump’s norm-shattering interventions in the law enforcement system. Future presidents may feel entitled to take similar actions.

As the Trump administration celebrates Mr. Mueller’s finding that the president did not conspire with Russia, a darker theme is emerging: a message that Mr. Trump’s perceived enemies will pay.

Scientists at the Interior Department spent years examining the threat that pesticides present to hundreds of endangered species. That work was pushed aside after David Bernhardt, now President Trump’s nominee to lead the department, intervened.

Senator Kamala Harris of California announced her campaign’s first policy rollout: a plan to heavily invest federal money in teacher pay.

A donor database assembled by Ms. Harris has worked powerfully for her fellow Democrats. She is now using it for her own presidential run,…

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