Political Cornflakes: Expelling the Electoral College? It’s an idea some top Democrats cheer.

Political Cornflakes: Expelling the Electoral College? It’s an idea some top Democrats cheer.
Presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., speaks at an organizing event Sunday, Feb. 17, 2019, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

Some of the top Democratic candidates among the crowded presidential field have embraced the idea of dumping the Electoral College. When Sen. Elizabeth Warren advocated for the move during a CNN town hall in Mississippi this week, she drew loud applause. The next day Beto O’Rourke seemed to endorse the concept. And Washington Gov. Jay Inslee called the Electoral College a vestige “of a bygone era.” The proposal is seen as a play to win support from younger voters, but it is panned by Republicans, who see it as sour grapes after popular vote winners Al Gore and Hillary Clinton lost the presidency because of the constitutional provision. [Bloomberg]

Topping the news: A new ruling by a federal judge is aimed at halting recent oil and gas leases in Wyoming because of the failure to take climate change into account. Environmentalists see it as an opening to challenge leases in Utah. [Trib]

-> Utah Republican Party Chairman Rob Anderson will not seek re-election, saying he can not mend the widening rifts in the ruling party. [Trib] [DNews]

-> Utah Sen. Luz Escamilla D-Salt Lake City, said she will join the city’s 2019 mayoral race. After an unexpected withdrawal from incumbent Mayor Jackie Biskupski, Escamilla will join a crowded, otherwise all-male field. [Trib]

-> From @jessesplin “And since I’m sure you’ll get into state politics in your speech, I hope you know about the changes to the ballot initiative process that were made in the #utleg session. Mostly bad, but one good thing for our democracy is that the legislature funded a state primary for 2020!”

-> From @aedwardslevy “I can’t be the only person who mentally pictures “small donors” as little elves that sneak into your campaign headquarters at night and leave you money.”

-> From @pulmyears “Imagine being Kellyanne Conway and still working for the manchild who publicly calls your beloved husband “a total loser.” Of course, she has every right to…

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