Federal Authorities Raided Trump Fundraiser’s Office in Money Laundering Probe

Let’s not condone violence right now, that is one dangerous road to go down.

Plus… What about the ones without oaths?

Don Jr. Signed one of the checks to reimburse Michael Cohen for the Stormy Daniels payments – from the revocable trust that Trump was supposed to put his businesses in so politics couldn’t get involved with it…

Ivanka went on TV to state that her dad had nothing to do with security clearances in the last month, to cover for something that isn’t illegal for a President to do…

Remember when Trump’s kids were trying to get CIA top level security clearance?

After he was cleared by the White House, Kushner’s file was reportedly submitted to the C.I.A. to be evaluated for an S.C.I., or “sensitive compartmented information” clearance—an even higher designation. It didn’t go well:

After reviewing the file, C.I.A. officers who make clearance decisions balked, two of the people familiar with the matter said. One called over to the White House security division, wondering how Kushner got even a top-secret clearance, the sources said.

Beyond that, Kushner and Ivanka…

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