‘Indexing’ polls terribly because politicians can’t or won’t explain why it’s needed

This Rebuild Alabama Act is a gas tax increase that is filled with landmines for politicians.

Any tax increase is going to be unpopular. I would vote no on this particular increase, but politicians make it worse by not explaining the reasoning for some of the more unpopular measures.

One of those landmines is the “indexing” of the gas tax to construction costs via the National Highway Construction Cost Index. This means as construction costs go up, so does the gas tax. This means that the cost of this particular tax could go up to one penny every two years.

Almost every other tax you pay is indexed in a similar way.

As your income goes up, the income tax and payroll taxes you and your employer pay also go up, as does the tax collected.

As the price of goods and services go up with inflation, the sales tax you pay goes up, as does the tax collected.

As the value of the property you own…

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