A WOMAN’S WORLD: Idaho seeing increase in number of female politicians

Last September, a study done by the finance website WalletHub listed Idaho as 41st in the nation for “political empowerment” for women, based on the number of Idaho women elected to Congress, the state Legislature and statewide executive positions.

However, just two short months after the study was released, female politicians won big time during November’s midterm elections. Even in terms of nominations, it was a woman’s world with two female nominees for Idaho lieutenant governor, the first female nominee from a major party for governor, two female nominees for state superintendent and dozens of female nominees for other positions.

In fact, the Idaho Statesman reported that during Idaho’s 2018 primaries the only male candidates who won from either major party were in races where there was not a female candidate running a serious campaign.

The number of women in the Idaho Legislature is increasing every year and currently stands at 32. About one-third of Idaho’s lawmakers are women.

Things are even looking up for women in politics in many cities and counties around the state.

For example, half of the members of Pocatello’s City Council are now female. Three years ago the council had no female members.

All across East Idaho, women are stepping up and stepping into positions of political power, which Kelley Packer, director of the Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses and a former state lawmaker, said is a vital part of the shift.

“More women are trying,” said Packer, a McCammon native. “For the…

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