Joy Behar and Meghan McCain ‘Like Each Other’ — But ‘They Don’t Agree on Politics’: Source

Although Joy Behar and Meghan McCain have had multiple heated exchanges on The View, a TV Insider tells PEOPLE that the co-hosts “get along” when the cameras aren’t rolling.

“The truth is, Meghan and Joy like each other and get along more often than not — they just don’t agree on their politics,” the industry source says.

“But when [co-host] Whoopi [Goldberg] isn’t there, things get a little off the rails,” the insider adds. “They all respect her and she keeps things on track.”

While the women are on opposite ends of the political spectrum, they’re not afraid to share their opinions — and argue it out in front of audiences.

“It’s The View and they will bicker with each other — because that’s what the show is,” the source explains. “And what works is the conflict. That’s what makes it interesting.”

On Monday’s episode of the talk show, the two women — who have a habit of butting heads on the program — found themselves at odds while discussing President Donald Trump‘s tweet about Senator Amy Klobuchar.

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