Howard Schultz vows he won’t re-elect Trump in 2020

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz explains to CNN’s Poppy Harlow why he believes he can beat President Donald Trump in 2020 and responds to criticism from Democrats that his candidacy will help re-elect Trump. #Schultz #CNN #News


  1. Howard Schultz running as an Independent or 3rd Party candidate in 2020 can NOT beat Trump or anyone else, but he can HELP Trump win re-election. That is ALL Schultz can do is HELP Trump and he knows it. WHAT IS “ridiculous” is an EBA (Egotistical Billionaire Asshole) like Howard Schultz who thinks he can buy the Presidency (like Trump did with help from his Russian pal Putin) to keep the system rigged for himslef while opportunity slips away for everyone else. BOYCOTT STARBUCKS! BOYCOTT SCHULTZ! TO HELL WITH TRUMP!

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