Stop the whataboutery, give women their due in politics

Let’s face it. What we have now is a Man-liament, not a Parliament.

Every time elections roll around, there is buzz about the paltry handful of tickets given to women candidates. Before anything can be done about it, the whataboutery kicks in with random, non sequitur and entirely arbitrary hoaxes that pass off as salient truths.

So here are some truth bombs for all the whatabouters out there. Let me break some stuff down for you.

Hoax #1: Women politicians are dummies.

Make up your mind. If nephews and sons are proxies or dynastic, since we have scores more of those, wives and daughters then, are the same. It can’t be nepotism when it’s men and ‘dummies’ when it’s women. Legacy when male, and puppetry when female. Are sons blazing their own political paths so variant from fathers, or slavishly following well tread steps?

Hoax #2: How can we allow corrupt women to be elected?

The same way we allow corrupt, nay criminal men to be elected. Time and time again. Their own affidavits show that a boggling one third of male Parliamentarians are criminal. Are we holding her to higher standards than him? Are we predicating her candidature just because she is female? Nice try, but corruption and criminality are orthogonal to gender.

Hoax #3: Why elect women? What has that Chief Minister/Prime Minister ever done for other women?

Here’s news for you. Women compete to win elections, just like men. And to govern as they please, also like men. Their primary motive isn’t altruism. She deserves to be elected, at least upto 50%, just because India is a representative democracy. She doesn’t need to do something for women; her presence in critical mass in Assemblies and Parliament is “the” thing for the women of India.

Hoax #4: How can you support Right/Left Wing women?…

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