Gov. Edwards’ reelection announcement is no surprise, political analysts say

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) – Gov. John Bel Edwards officially announced his reelection bid in a video released to Twitter Monday (Jan. 21), but it was no secret that Edwards planned to seek a second term.

“We are truly better off than we were three years ago, and we’re working hard to make it even better. That’s why I am formally announcing my campaign for reelection,” Edwards said in his online message.

Political observers said there was never any doubt about Edwards’ intentions, and according to FOX 8 political analyst Mike Sherman, there were few surprises in the governors’ announcement.

“No surprises that Gov. Edwards is running for reelection. No surprises in his messaging,” Sherman said. “The only thing that was a surprise is that he really does take us back to the days of Gov. Jindal, a name we haven’t heard [lately] in Louisiana political circles, to try to engender those feelings of a fiscal crisis and stagnation from a few years ago. We’ll see if that sells in…

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