Mass MAGA fans: Our political message is shouted down

Massachusetts conservatives say the feverish piling-on that the MAGA hat-wearing teenagers in Washington, D.C. experienced is what they routinely face whenever they dare to show President Trump garb or bumper stickers in public — their right to political free speech is shouted down with taunts, foul language and even threats here in the Bay State.

“The hostility has intensified. The hostility is really unrelenting — and it is going to get worse as the presidential race starts up,” said Tom Mountain of Newton, a Republican Party committee member who weighs whether to wear his Trump jacket and opts not to sport a bumper sticker. “It’s too risky. The costs outweigh the benefits of making a political statement — it’s really a very sad state of affairs.”

On Friday, a video of a confrontation between teenagers wearing Make America Great Again hats and a Native American protester lit up social media, with many in the media, as well as commentators and pols on both sides jumping to conclusions and quickly excoriating the teens. Then more video emerged showing the Native American activist and other protesters had confronted the teens, rather than the other way around.

“We’re so used to it,” said Mountain, who said he wouldn’t give one of…

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