Arizona politicians react as shutdown stretches on, with no end in sight

PHOENIX (FOX 10) — Monday marks 31st day of the partial government shutdown, and some politicians are weighing in, as some government employees are running so short of money that they are seeking help from St. Mary’s Food Bank.

The Phoenix food bank is seeing 25% more business than usual for this time of the year, and believe that’s because of the government shutdown. Meanwhile, at the Martin Luther King Day celebration at Margaret T. Hance Park in Downtown Phoenix, politicians weighing in on a way out of the impasse.

“When people hear that there are 800,000 government employees that are impacted by this government shutdown, that’s a huge number,” said Rep. Greg Stanton (D). “You hear stories of people who have children at home who have disabilities that need their parents, because they’re not receiving a paycheck, so they can’t afford childccare for their children.”

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