Novak Djokovic drawn into tennis politics

Novak Djokovic found himself mired in the muddy waters of tennis politics a day before the start of the Australian Open this morning.

If 2018 was a tumultuous year behind the scenes then there is every indication this season could top it, with most of the drama currently centred on the ATP.

As head of the ATP Player Council and world number one, Djokovic is a powerful figure within the game and one who has strong views on the way the sport should be run.

The players have three representatives on the main ATP board, one of whom, American former player and coach Justin Gimelstob, is awaiting trial on charges of assault, which he denies.

The player council has come under fire for allowing Gimelstob to remain in his post, and talking about the issue for the first time publicly, Djokovic said: “I am comfortable, as are all of the council members.

“Obviously, that’s an ongoing process and trial. Those are all allegations at the moment. If he is not proven guilty, he stays innocent, or he’s proven guilty, that’s a completely different situation for us and we have to address it. He’s been someone that has always fought for the players’ rights and represented players in a great way.”

The tournaments also have three representatives, with executive chairman and president Chris Kermode leading the organisation.

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