Cook Political Report predicts fights for Ross Spano, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell

Digital and photo illustration of a donkey and elephant as two flavors of ice cream in cones, representing democrats and republicans.

The Cook Political Report today released ratings for House races in the 2020 election cycle, making special note of legal troubles facing one incoming Florida Congressman.

House Editor David Wasserman writes that Democrat successes in the 2018 mid-terms mean the party could be on defense in two years, but that Republicans will have to for to keep some of its own turf too. Specifically, he singles out U.S. Rep.-elect Ross Spano as a freshman already drawing unwanted interest.

“Incoming Republican Ross Spano (FL-15)’s acknowledgment that he may have taken illegal campaign loans could complicate his reelection bid,” Wasserman wrote.

He referenced growing scrutiny around Spano’s admitted use of personal loans from associates to fund his Congressional ambitions this year.

But for…

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