Election 2018 Lives on in Bladen County, NC

The Story:

In the 9th Congressional District, NC, a Republican candidate for the House of Representatives, Mark Harris, seemed to have defeated his Democratic foe, Dan McCready, by roughly 900 votes, in the November 6 midterm voting. But the state board of elections has refused to certify that result due to irregularities with regard to the absentee ballots.

Two Counties:

There are two counties within the 9th district where irregularities in this election cycle were especially glaring, Bladen and Robeson. Both are in the southeastern corner of the state, near the South Carolina boundary. Each has a much higher rate than other counties of mail-in absentee ballots that are sent out to voters but never returned to officials. There is some reason to suspect that some absentee ballots were, for lack of a better term, intercepted by an individual supportive of Harris.

The Thing to Know:

The state board of elections has nine members: four of each major party affiliation and one of neither. It voted unanimously last week against certifying the results, and thus against making Harris a member of the House. No one is clear what will happen next but a new vote is at least a possibility.

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