SA’s future crisis will come from politics


We cannot escape the impact of decisions made by politicians on our daily lives.

In 2019 South Africa goes into elections, which could bring a new wave of change. Picture: GCIS
In 2019 South Africa goes into elections, which could bring a new wave of change. Picture: GCIS

It has been another year in which South Africa’s political and economic weakness has stuck out like a too-high nail, our leaders struggling to hammer it down as we, and the world, observe. As the year unfolded, early optimism and admiration of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s New Dawn turned into knowing sighs and acceptance of the truth – there is no noteworthy change.

As we head into a crucial election year, the dreadful reality is that the political parties who will be contending for our votes are found to be lacking and have exposed themselves as a bickering lot trying to outdo each other with their indignities.

There is a cacophony within the ruling ANC in dealing with the after-effects of the Zuma administration. It has now been established beyond any doubt (at least to me) that amid it all, government has become the biggest victim. By that I mean its central feature – the ability to make collective decisions and enforce them – has been suspended in order to deal with internal clashes. There have been fallouts since the Nasrec congress, a realignment and reconfiguring of power while allegiances are ever-changing.

On the other hand, as we have seen, opposition parties are not impervious. The DA is facing its own power struggle in the face of a leadership that (a) is no longer able to hold in check the ambitions of those who want to reclaim their party, and (b) cannot endure the dilution by those who intend to make it a more diverse party. Worse still, public statements made by some of its senior leaders characterised this year as a PR nightmare for the party.

Crusader against corruption

However, the EFF is experiencing far worse publicity. It fashions itself as a crusader…

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