Time to call the non-EU doctor

Interlocking hands

Standing on a tube platform, Miriam González Durántez’s article (May has added insult to the injury of Brexit, Journal, 29 November) made me cry. Growing up in the north-east of England during the 1970s, I did not get to meet many foreigners as a child, so any opportunity I had to make contact with someone from somewhere different was deeply exciting. Now, living in London, surrounded by difference, it is no less exciting, and I am enthralled as I have ever been by different ways of living and thinking.

Having worked for 20 years looking after international students, I was deeply distressed by the Brexit vote and shocked by the increasing horrors of the “hostile environment” policy. An additional sadness is that my 21-year-old son, who has grown up among friends from all around the world, has lost at a stroke his right to live and work in the rest of Europe. But that is not the only thing he…

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