Political enemies Lamont, Stefanowski keep close

  • Governor-elect Ned Lamont of Greenwich Photo: Jessica Hill / Associated Press / Copyright 2018 The Associated Press. All rights reserved

For all the time they spent insulting each other on the campaign trail, Governor-elect Ned Lamont and his failed Republican challenger Bob Stefanowski seem to have gotten friendlier, while retaining their differences.

Either that, or they’re embracing the adage to “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

The businessmen-turned-politicians sat down for a private lunch last week, the details of which are in limited supply. The meeting was yet another step in Lamont’s transition plan, which includes speaking with people across the political spectrum to come up with solutions for the state.

“It was great,” Lamont said Tuesday. “Very friendly, very supportive. He really cares about the state and wants to stay involved.”

Both Lamont and Stefanowski declined to provide specifics of what they talked about — likely the state’s economic troubles, the solutions to which divided them in many during the campaign. But since the election, Lamont has promised to bring people of all political persuasions and backgrounds to the…

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