From CEO to Governor to Senator: Rick Scott

The Story:

In Florida, after the November 8 vote, and after both a machine and a manual recount, the race for the US Senator’s seat is finally over. Incumbent Senator Bill Nelson (D) conceded defeat in a telephone call Sunday, November 18 to the Governor, and now Senator-elect: Rick Scott (R).

The Background:

Before launching his political career, Scott had already acquired some notoriety in the business world as the chief executive of the largest private for-profit health care company in the United States.

Florida has been the arena for two closely fought elections in this midterm year. Each has received a good deal of national attention. In the race to replace Scott in the Governor’s mansion, Republican Ron DeSantis defeated Democrat Andrew Gillum. Gillum conceded in that one on Saturday.

The Thing to Know:

Scott’s victory means that the Republicans will hold at least 52 seats in the next session of the US Senate. A run-off election in Mississippi on November 27 may raise that number to 53. Either way, this will be a net gain over the 51 seats they have held over the last two years.

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