The Divisive Nature Of U.S. Politics Reflected In The Workplace

The divisive nature of U.S. politics is reflected in the workplace, according to a study by Randstad U.S.

The data showed that while almost half of respondents enjoy talking politics with colleagues because it helps them understand other viewpoints, 53% admit they limit social interactions with co-workers who have differing political beliefs.

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Audra Jenkins, chief diversity and inclusion officer for Randstad North America said that the study showed that the topic of politics itself is extremely divisive in the workplace.

It seems there is no escaping politics even on supposedly neutral ground and unfortunately this can contribute to feeling of alienation as well as deteriorating relationships in the workplace. Managers must pay close attention to workplace dynamics within their teams and be sure they’re promoting culture that are inclusive and tolerant of a range of different political perspectives. Without a strategy in place, organizations run the risk of impacting their diversity and inclusion initiatives by creating another barrier that limits the diversity of thought.”

The survey found that over half of employees had witnessed heated political discussions or arguments at work and over a third have been involved in them. Heated political arguments also created a degree of anxiety: 72% of employees feel anxious or stressed when these type of arguments occur.

The survey also found that differences in political viewpoints whether expressed online or in person can be…

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