In case you missed it, “It’s almost time to start panicking.” was this week’s message from 831 top experts.

Cliche or not, it might be too late by the time enough people wake up to make a difference.

Things are going to go down the drain faster than most people believe is possible, and the problem is genuinely bigger than anything anyone alive (or deceased) has ever seen before.

Edit: and yet we are individually powerful. Yes, you can do something. What should you do? Something bigger than yourself. Bigger than individually recycling, bigger than eating less meat, than conserving food and water and energy. We all must do these things.

But we also need to be waking each other up. Stirring the pot. Causing revolutions, peaceful ones, internally and politically. Not apologizing to anyone for the facts. Standing our ground. Waking each other up, alienating nobody.

We’re all on everyone’s side on this one. Sincerely. Even if they are violent toward us. Greed has got to go.

What can you do? Fight against greed. Fight for life on Earth. Advocate for a revolution. Tell people the Earth is dying. They will hate you, they won’t believe you, but they…

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