Alan Chartock’s The Capitol Connection: There are rules in politics

Alan Chartock

Alan Chartock

We all know that there are rules in politics and some of them are really disgusting. This country is drifting away from an ideal model of democracy tempered by minority rights. It is up to the leadership to put their obligation to do the right thing above their own political needs.

As we just saw in the tumultuous fight over the seating of Brett Kavanaugh on the United States Supreme Court, political courage is in short supply. Senator Susan Collins of Maine comes to mind when one is looking for an illustration of political hypocrisy. She would at heart rather remain Senator than do what’s right. She says that she voted for Kavanaugh because he had assured her that Rowe V Wade was considered “established law.” Would you like to stake your retirement account that he’ll be there when the court starts to eat away at a woman’s right to self-determination?

It is quite clear that the Republicans in this country are fiercely in favor of both Donald Trump and certain Republican principles. As people of privilege, these voters, representing about forty percent of the country, are the children of the children of the children of the Civil War. You can see it in what they say they want. For example, they want guns to protect themselves against the almost non-existent home invaders. Think of Emmet Till who was lynched after having been accused of offending a white woman in…

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