Hurricane Michael could impact Florida politics

As Florida begins to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, the political campaigns of major candidates in Florida are officially on hold.

But political ads continued to run on TV even as many Floridians were running for their lives.

One attack ad in particular, paid for by the Republican Party of Florida, was on air criticizing the way Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum handled the city’s response to Hurricane Hermine back in 2016.

The ad, made in coordination with Republican candidate for Governor Ron Desantis, aired frequently in the days leading up to the storm and was only pulled after Desantis was questioned about it, and the GOP said they would eventually pull it from the airwaves amid criticism from viewers and even state officials.

I would encourage all Florida Candidates running for office to use this time to help raise funds for the @RedCross @SalArmyEDS @TeamRubicon and others part of the…

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