Immigration Politics in western PA

The Story: 

Due to recent redistricting, the race for Pennsylvania’s 17th Congressional District, the northwestern suburbs of Pittsburgh, pits one Congressional incumbent against another, Conor Lamb (D) against Keith Rothfus (R). Lamb has opened up a double digit lead. The law and politics of immigration is playing a big role here.


Both men are lawyers as well as incumbents.

The national debate over immigration law and enforcement has come to play a big part in this campaign. Lamb voted against an administration supported bill called the “Securing America’s Future Act of 2018.” In Rothfus’ description, voting against that bill was voting to “protect criminals hiding in sanctuary cities.” Lamb’s campaign replies that the bill in question was “an extreme partisan bill” that failed either to help the Dreamers or to “make smart border security investments.”

The Thing to Know:

A victory for Lamb in November will represent at least in part a pushback against the draconian aspects of this administration’s immigration positions.


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