Kind Words About Toyota from Rep. Barr

The Story:

Andy Barr (R-KY) represents the 6th Congressional district of the state of Kentucky in the House. Although he was elected to a third term in 2016 easily, with more than 60% of the vote, this year he faces what seems likely to be a closer margin. He is in what is widely considered a toss-up of a campaign against Democrat Amy McGrath, a former Marine aviator who served two tours of duty in Afghanistan.

Barr’s Big Tweet:

One recent tweet of Rep. Barr’s has drawn particular attention in recent days. He said that Toyota has its largest plant in the world in Georgetown, Kentucky, and so within his district. He inferred that “our trade policies must protect and support these important jobs and the U.S. auto industry.”

To his foes within the Republican policy, this tweet smacks of pro-globalization, a departure from Trumpist ‘America First’ orthodoxy.

The Thing to Know:

Yet the Republican base in that district may accept Barr’s unorthodox observation in hopes of retaining a Republican majority in the House of Representatives. One conservative, commenting on Barr’s tweet, said it was an example of how “Trump voters have been betrayed by GOP for DECADES” yet added that in such cases as this, “we have to vote for them anyway.”

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