Darts & Laurels: Politics could use more people like Tom Judge Sr.

A look at the week that was, the issues and people who made headlines, and a few darts and laurels for those who deserve them.

LAUREL: To Tom Judge Sr. Everyone who met the longtime Delco Republican Party leader and courthouse employee will mention the same thing in talking about Judge. He was a gentleman. We could use a lot more like him in today’s politics.

DART: Seeing Judge Sr. retire only reminds us how far our political discourse has fallen. We hope new leaders will adopt Judge’s methods. All the best, Tom.

LAUREL: To Ralph Galati. The Wallingford man had a special connection with Sen. John McCain. He also was a “guest” at infamous Hanoi Hilton. Galati spoke glowingly about the kind of man McCain was. We feel the same way about him – and the sacrifices he made for his country.

DART: To road rage. We’re incredulous at what can be lost in a moment of madness. The family of Bianca Roberson know that all too well. They lost the Chester County teen when she was fatally shot by a Delaware County while involved in what police detailed as a game of ‘cat and mouse’ while merging in traffic that quickly escalated into something much more serious.

DART: To David Desper. The Trainer man will have a long time to ponder the consequences of that harsh reaction when he pointed a gun at Roberson and pulled the trigger on Route 100 two summers ago. He entered a plea to a third-degree murder charge this week.

DART: To those who see ulterior motives in the plea deal. The bottom line is that the District Attorney’s Officer had concerns about getting a conviction on a first-degree murder charge. The decision to enter the plea deal was the right one in this case.

LAUREL: To the family and friends of Bianca Roberson. Yes, we understand your hurt and pain. We feel for the questions you have about the way this case made its way through the justice system. And we acknowledge your concerns that while Bianca is gone forever, the likelihood is that someday David Desper will walk out of jail.

LAUREL: To the new spirit of sharing that is filling the halls of Cardinal O’Hara High School for the start of the new year. The high school kids have some company. The students of Our Lady of Angels Regional Catholic School will be attending classes at O’Hara in the wake of the devastating fire that destroyed much of their home in the Morton section of Ridley Township. A very Christian thing to do.

LAUREL: Speaking of archdiocesan schools, a thumb’s up to negotiators for high school teachers and the archdiocese who spent the weekend locked in marathon talks to reach a new contract and avoid a work stoppage that could delay the start of the school year. The deal was reached early Tuesday morning and approved in a close vote by the union. Is it perfect? Hardly. But teachers get a pay raise and no increase in health…

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