KARK 4’s Bob Clausen Talks Bi-Partisan Politics

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – It seems like just about everyday, no matter where you get your news, attacks and jabs come and go from politicians on both sides of the aisle.

Is any of it accomplishing anything?

Is any of it warranted?

Or is it more self-serving than serving the needs of ‘We the People.’

KARK 4’s Bob Clausen takes a look at the current state of bi-partisan politics..or lack there of.

“Have many of our elected governmental leaders, our branches of government…and many of us let our system down?

Both political parties had the opportunity to really shine and show the world how a democracy, of the people, for the people, really works.

A president with a background like none other, a president determined to make a change, and make it happen here at home and around the world was elected.

But rather than taking defeat in stride, his opposition dug in and made their mission clear, stop him at every move, block appointments, attack members of his administration and their families and call for investigations.

I can’t speak for the founding fathers, but I do imagine most of us would have rather seen the seasoned elected leaders of this nation–on the loosing side–stand tall and agree, all be it, ‘not…

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