Macron and May dress up their differences

Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron at Fort de Bregancon, with Brigitte Macron.

You could have been more precise about the politicians’ attire (May and Macron hold ‘informal’ Brexit talks in France, 4 August). May was wearing a navy blue trouser suit with a predominantly blue blouse and complemented by a chunky blue necklace. As Macron was wearing a navy blue suit and pale blue shirt, which coordinated beautifully with May’s outfit, it appears the two leaders had made considerable efforts to harmonise sartorially, if not politically.
Lesley Kant

• A friend on holiday in Crete (Letters, 4 August) was doing a crossword on the beach. In reply to the question who was chancellor of the exchequer in 1966, her companion shouted out “Dennis Healey”. A voice boomed out “Good morning, ladies”. Dennis and Edna spent a happy hour discussing…

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