Laugh Attacks 08/04/18: Humorists’ comments on politics and public affairs

Stephen Colbert

“Unlike Trump, I know I’m being recorded right now.”

“He uses (‘No collusion’) for every occasion — it’s like his ‘aloha.’ It means both ‘hello’ and ‘I’m guilty.’”

“O.K., so collusion isn’t a crime, but it doesn’t matter because he didn’t do it anyway — Hillary did. It’s really going to complicate the chants at his rallies: ‘Lock her up! But collusion’s not a crime! So what are we locking her up for! I am confused! We’re living in a web of lies! Woo!’”

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“’That body no one’s found in the creek? The president definitely didn’t put it there.’ (Giuliani’s) just giving away damaging information. He’s going to be the first lawyer in history to have to treat himself as a hostile witness.”

Seth Meyers

“President Trump’s former lawyer, Michael…

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