McLaughlin Group: Republicans vs. Rosenstein, Removing Trump, EU Trade Talks, Petroleum Politics In Iran

Jim Swift of the Weekly Standard joins regular host Tom Rogan and panelists Pat Buchanan, Eleanor Clift, and Clarence Page.

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  • NaturalJag0ffLeaderTrump’s “domestic woes”? 4+% GDP growth, low unemployment, MAGA, … Trump is winning @ home & abroad. Eleanor (like all hopeless Leftys) insists that Trump is stupid/uninformed/etc., which means that her heroes+party were badly beaten & embarrassed by Mr. Stupid… so what does that say about Progtards like Eleanor?ReplyShare 5
    • AlexxLeaderNaturalJag0ffMany months ago I disregarded her when talking about mental health she said “we all take out meds”. Yikes.ReplyShare
    • Joker 2LeaderAlexxEditedDemocrats are based on emotion. not any type of honesty. Of course she is going to be wacky. She lives in freekazoid land. Most Trump supporters don’t care if he met with Putin or whoever. big deal. The cold war ended in the 1980’s. I would claim hillary colluded with Mexico. Just look at the NYT. Its…

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