Documents: Trump golf course damaged protected sand dunes

Watch “You’ve Been Trumped”, if you can. Extremely telling portrait of the man. Two moments that stand out for me–

Trump is with an assistant, they’re in a car scoping out some land he’s eyeing. His assistant explains the political blowback he will be dealing with if he acquires the land in question, to which he responds with tired annoyance, “who cares…?” Well… the people I just told you about care, that’s why I’m telling you about them, there are consequences for your actions, so.. try and keep up?

Also, the filmmaker is interviewing a displeased local resident on their property across the street from his golf course, the cops swing by and ask what’s up, but hey no crime here, they’re on their property. They’re allowed to film in the direction of their neighbor. A fee minutes…

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