Sex and the City (Politics and the State)

The Story: 

On September 13, Democrats in New York State will choose their candidate for Governor. Polls show that the party’s incumbent Governor, Andrew Cuomo, has a 36 point advantage over his intra-party challenger, actress Cynthia Nixon.


Ms Nixon is a gay rights activist who recently received the Visibility Award from the Human Rights Campaign.

She is best known, though, as the actress who played Miranda, one of the four central characters in the television drama Sex and the City, which aired on HBO, 1998 to 2004.

Nixon has run to Cuomo’s left on a range of issues. Her campaign may end up making the point that there isn’t a lot of room for political viability to Cuomo’s left.

The Thing to Know: 

Cuomo is the son of Mario Cuomo, who was the Governor of New York State from 1983 to 1994. Mario was widely considered a potential Democratic candidate for President during his tenure as Governor, and his son has inherited the burden of presidential expectation.

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