Politics off course when disdain for Hillary turns into praise of Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin, right, looks toward President Trump, during their news conference in Helsinki.

A recent caller on C-SPAN’s morning show “Washington Journal” had a special political “thank you” that should shock all of us. A woman named Mary-Lou from Connecticut called in to the national broadcast with a personal “thank you” to Russia for “interfering in our elections” in a way that prevented Hillary Clinton from becoming president.

That’s right. With conviction in her voice, she told the host, “I’ll try not to sound too awful, but I want to thank the Russians for interfering with our election to stop Hillary Clinton from becoming president.” The danger of HRC in the Oval office to this woman? Clinton’s “illusions of grandeur,” her alleged role in the deaths of Americans in Benghazi, and her infamous email server. But the icing on the anti-Hillary cake for Mary-Lou? Hillary’s decision to stand by her man after various alleged sexual peccadilloes, Monica Lewinsky included.

That reason for preferring to live in a world where authoritarian Vladimir Putin controls our president and our White House rather than have our country led by a woman who decided not to divorce her…

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